Plant safety


Every day, there are a lot of accidents in the factory area due to the eye sight blocking, blind spots, collisions, crushing, crashes and other accidents. Result such as production line shutdown, high compensation etc Serious consequences

Multiple scheme,Making your warehouse a safer place

20 years of dedicated, guarding your safer working environment

Pedestrian & forklift collision avoidance

Use accurate ranging technology, accurate detect whether the pedestrian is in detection area, audible and visual warning driver and surrounding personnel to be careful

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Forklift & goods collision avoidance

Forklift and human interaction is one of the biggest hazards in the workplace today, in many businesses there is no way of avoiding this, Forklift & goods collision avoidancesolution use ultrasonic technology, can assist driver know the distance between forklift and goods

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Visual warning

Use different forklift lights like blue light to show forklift position ,enhance site safety and increase pedestrian awareness of the presence of moving hazards

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Visual warning solution

● Wide voltage ● high brightness ● High and low temperature resistance ● Waterproof and rustproof
● Reverse protection ● Sturdy and durable ● Easy to install