Forklift management

The traditional management method of forklifts is full of loopholes

Forklifts, as an indispensable logistics handling tool in the manufacturing industry, traditionally management method has many problems:
-The forklift truck is not authorized to start , and on-site management is difficult.
-The shift is complicated, and the handover log lost.
-High-risk faulty vehicles cannot be queried.
-Drivers and vehicle licenses have expired,
-The maintenance cycle was delayed and could not be diagnosed remotely.
-Low forklift utilization
-Driver performance statistics difficulties

5 Site Management Functions

01 Vehicle Management

● Self-test reminder before driving
● Seat belt reminder
● Personnel leaving the car to stall

02 Speed Management

● Traveling reminder
● Overspeed alarm
● Lock forklift
● automatic speed limit during turning

03 Collision Avoidance Management

● Proximity audible and visual warning
● Proximity automatic speed limit

04 Impact Management

● Slight impact, audible and visual warning
● Serious impact, lock forklift, audible and visual warning

05 Weighing Management

● Accurate weighing
● Voice broadcast
● Overloaded lock forklift